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Ensure that your body is adequately hydrated and optimize your system by meeting its individual wellness needs.

Recover quickly



Boost your immune system

Our In-House Professionals And Experts Can Recommend The Perfect Treatment For You.

  • Receive our treatment in the comfort of your home, office, or any location you prefer!
  • Certified IV-Therapy professionals administer our treatments.
  • Our treatments are tested and monitored by board-certified Doctors.
Why Choose Us?
We believe that everyone wants what is best for their bodies. However, knowing exactly what our bodies need isn’t that simple. That’s where we come in. At IV Me Now, our professionals streamline diagnosing and delivering the best solutions for your body’s needs.
Conveniently schedule your appointment either online or via phone.
Within 45 minutes or less, an IV Therapy Professional will be there.
Relax as your body receives the benefits of Hydration Therapy!

Boost Your Body With Our DIY Injectable Vitamin Solutions!

  • Self-Administer in mere seconds
  • Long-term Effects that last
  • Absorb more than oral vitamins
  • Safe, tested and effective
Mobile IV Treatments

Turn Back The Clock On Aging With NAD+ Patches!

As our bodies age, NAD levels naturally decrease. Metabolism and overall health can also decline. NAD is an essential component for assisting our cells with many functions. Our NAD+ Patches can aid in restoring energy.

  • Sleep deeper and more consistently
  • Increase overall health
  • Improve and enhance cognitive performance
  • Restore and rejuvenate cells for a more efficient body
Your Goals Are Worth It! Let Us Help You Achieve Them!

Brighten Skin

Hydration encourages clearer and healthier skin.

Instantly Hydrate

Restore essential nutrients and electrolytes while rehydrating and flushing your body of dangerous toxins.

Boost Energy

Combat fatigue at the source while giving yourself an energy booster

Prevent Illness

Boost your immune system and avoid or reduce illness and the severity of its effects.


Lower free radicals in your body, improving mental clarity and general cognitive function.

Improve Wellness

Maintain lean muscle mass and tissue while absorbing the fullest measure of the vitamins your body needs.